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Meet Mike Tobias, Web Developer, Co-Founder

Since middle school, I have enjoyed nothing more than building and solving different kinds of puzzles. It started then as an art student, doodling mazes for friends, to college when as a playwriting student I enjoyed tackling production and story problems, and then all the way until I finally became a self-taught developer in Los Angeles, designing and building efficient web technologies.

I believe every challenge is like an adventure. We learn the most important things by following our natural curiosity, knowing that the truest destination is our better understanding of the world. This simple guiding principle has led me to many exciting projects and wonderful people.

It is also the reason why Sojourn Explorers’ mission is important to me: it emboldens people to explore and learn about the world while helping other good people continue their work in conservation, world health, and education. It is an invitation for us to work together and become wiser, and I’m honored to be a part of it by developing its technologies.