Meet Michael Bennett, EdD and Jake Haupert, Transformational Travel Specialists.

They curate experiences throughout the world.

Michael Bennett, EdD (left.) I am a traveler, coach, educator, speaker, and entrepreneur who founded Muddy Shoe Adventures in 2012. My mission is to help others use travel as a way of bringing more purpose and passion into their lives. My doctoral dissertation explored transformational learning through adventure travel.

Jake Haupert (right.) I have a deep appreciation for the power of travel and its ability to incite change by breaking down the walls within and between us. I bring my big heart and an unquenchable thirst for the unknown into my work. As a Transformational Travel Specialist, I call on the modern art of ancient travel to raise consciousness and bring about peace, unity, love, and equality.

Together, we co-founded the Transformational Travel Council (TTC), a global organization dedicated to inspiring fellow sojourners to travel like a HERO, with Heart, Engagement, Resolve, and Openness. Maria Baltazzi, Sojourn Explorer’s Founder, is the TTC’s North American Ambassador.