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Maria Baltazzi, PhD, MFA, Founder
Emmy-winning TV Producer, Happiness Mentor, Transformational Travel Guide

The Sojourn Experience is a company that reflects the many years spent as an Emmy-winning television producer, international traveler, and happiness mentor. Since the late-90s, I have produced shows on all seven continents. Then did another lap around the globe, walking more than two thousand miles training and doing marathons as fundraisers. I have also spent the past thirteen years obsessed with what makes people happy, how to develop and sustain it.

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A curated biweekly newsletter of inspirational and informational articles, videos, and quotes. It is part of my commitment to serving a greater good. Content falls into three buckets. Sojourn Explorers is about travel, technology, and exploration. Picture Happiness is about conscious-centered living. Sojourn is about photography, storytelling, and the entertainment industry.

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