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Happy New Year! Hope you are off to a fantastic 2017. Many people responded to my holiday greeting with such lovely support. It was very much appreciated, so much that I thought I would start sharing 8 good things on Fridays, unless a project has me out of email range 😉 This is my year-long gift that is meant to be helpful, inspirational, aspirational, and informational. What I share will vary; things like apps, books, interesting people, events… really whatever seems worth passing along.


Sojourn Explorers

1) My favorite training app ever! Check out Charity Miles. Every mile you walk, or run, goes in support of a charity you choose. A corporate sponsor will donate money every time you get out there and train. It’s free to download and use. They, in part, inspired me to support multiple nonprofits through my company’s expeditions and trips.

2) Want a fun read about explorers? Try “The Explorers” by my friend and NY Times Best Selling Author, Martin Dugard. I met Marty during season one of Survivor on the island of Pulau TIga in the South China Sea. He was there writing a book about the making of, what was then, an unknown, unproven series. His recent book, “The Explorers”, is a historical journey that captures both the spirit and character of what it takes to be an explorer. The read is very entertaining and filled with all kinds of interesting insights and facts about exploration. You can check it out here.

3) I would like to introduce you to the explorer who has been quite a source of inspiration for me. 72-year old Sir Ranulph Fiennes, one of Britain’s Premiere Adventurers, recently summited Antarctica’s tallest peak, Mt. Vison (16,050 feet). I met Ran when I spent a couple of nights at Everest Base Camp several years ago. He was 63, and had just reached the summit after three attempts. The climb was a fundraising endeavor for Marie Curie, a cancer foundation in the UK. Now, he continues climbing, pledging to reach the summit of the highest mountain on all seven continents by May 2017, all for the same cause. See his inspiring YouTube video.

Picture Happiness: Take a Shot

4) I discovered a terrific inflatable travel meditation pillow. I like it because it provides support under your thighs so your legs don’t fall asleep. At least that has been my experience. I also like that it has three separate inflatable chambers, so you can adjust how soft or firm the pillow is in different areas under your seat. You can try it for yourself. Click here.

5) If you are new to meditation, and would like an easy to digest overview, I suggest reading “10% Happier” by ABC Newsman and TV Host, Dan Harris. Here he shares his journey into meditation after having a total panic attack while on-air. It’s a funny look into the media world through an unexpected perspective, and is spot on in his descriptions of meditation (I only say this in comparison to my experiences with my practice). You can find Dan’s book here.

6) Those looking for a few days in one of the most idyllic and happiest places on the planet, I am doing my 2nd annual Happiness Meditation Retreat in Bali at the award-winning Floating Leaf, August 1st – 7th. Details are here: Primordial Happiness.


7) Over the last year, on Fridays I have been posting “Happy Friday Messages” on SoundCloud. They are bite-sized suggestions on creating more happiness in your life. This week is about “New Beginnings”. I give you 8 ideas to think about, and start putting to use over the weekend. Please feel free to check it out on our website.

8) If you are still making this year’s intentions, you may want to consider joining the Year of Miracles mentoring group. I was with them for three years, and found the co-founders, Marci Shimoff (#1 NY Times best-selling author of all the books in the Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul series and was a featured teacher in The Secret) and Debra Poneman (renowned success mentor and Marci’s first mentor), to be incredibly supportive and a wealth of great information. It’s a weekly online group that brings together a wide range speakers and authors in the areas of creating health, wealth and happiness. Here is a free e-book that they have written. Download here.

Happy weekend!
Maria and Team Sojourn
Sojourn Explorers l Picture Happiness: Take a Shot


Maria Baltazzi: Founder, Emmy-winning Producer, Fundraiser, Seven-continent Distance Walker, Happiness and Meditation Teacher

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