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Here is this week’s 8 Good Things. This is my year-long weekly gift containing everything from articles to books to quotes to videos that are meant to be helpful, inspirational, aspirational, informational, and just fun to read! Please make sure to scroll all the way down to see our Upcoming Sojourn Events! There are some exciting announcements. Two new trips: Sailing and Hiking the Greek Islands and Walking the Camino de Santiago. Also, as my friends know, I have been a longtime purveyor of happiness. This August, I am launching a 90-day program, Happiness and the Art of Life Balance. Please contact me for details, very excited to share!


1) Did you know that Norway ranks #1 for being the happiest country? Find out their secret. Hint: it’s not just money.

2) While Japan ranks 51st on the list of happiest places to live, they are the 1st in longest life expectancy. Coming a close second are countries in the Mediterranean. What are their secrets? Well, food and culture have a lot to do with it. Decode the details.

3) Here are 20 Unforgettable Lessons You Can Learn From Traveling The World. One of my favorites is #2; you’re never alone.

4) “Wherever you go, go with all your heart” ~ Confucius.

Picture Happiness: Take a Shot

5) Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, however that does not mean you should skip lunch. Taking a deliberate break from work can have powerful effects on your end-of-day concentration, stress, and fatigue. Learn more.


6) Did you know eating a handful of nuts every week should be part of every cancer survivor’s diet? Tree nuts such as hazelnuts, chestnuts, and walnuts can reduce the chance of cancer from returning for those who are survivors. Learn more.

7) Tony Robbins and I challenge you for the next ten days. Habits are hard to break, yet what if I told you eliminating negativity is as easy as changing the vocabulary you use with yourself and others? The power of a word goes a long way. Here are four steps to changing your vernacular and your content levels. I totally stand by this. Changing my vocabulary is something I put into practice years ago. It has made a HUGE difference in how I feel, how I treat others as well as how others treat me.


8) “Happiness is not a goal; it’s a by-product” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt. I have long held that happiness is a choice; a very conscious choice that turns your life around. It did mine. I have made this choice every single day since March 21st, 2005.

Upcoming Sojourn Events


Los Angeles, Saturday, May 27th.
Will Rogers State Park Hike and Picnic, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm.

It’s been a long time since I have visited Will Rogers State Park. Thought it would be fun to check out.
Trail: Rustic Canyon Loop/Inspiration Point Trail
Hiking Distance: About a 6-mile loop | Time: 3 hours (est.)
Picnic afterward
It would be awesome if you could donate $10 to Stand Up To Cancer: Our SU2C Crowdrise Page | Meetup RSVP.

Los Angeles, Tuesday, May 30th. I am leading an evening Prayer of the Heart Meditation session, 7:30 – 9 pm at the Huffington Center. We start with a topic discussion, followed by a guided meditation. Details: Picture Happiness Facebook Page.

Online Launch, Happiness and the Art of Life Balance,
Tuesday, August 15th.

I am helping those who sit in the overwhelm, constantly feeling out of time, and always stressed. I get it. I know it. I have been there. And have spent the last eleven years studying what to do about it. My promise is to get you out of the crazy and into the happy. To do that, I have put together a 90-day program and excited to share it. Please contact me for a complimentary consultation.


Greek Islands, September 15th – 23rd, 2017.
If you romanticize sailing and hiking the islands in the Aegean, then come along with me. Explore, meditate, do restorative yoga, energizing breathwork, eat great food, dance. Find your inner Zobra. Opa! Learn more.

Camino de Santiago, Spain, September 26th – October 3rd, 2017.
This pilgrimage has long been on my travel ‘hit’ list. For years, I have heard inspiring stories about it. We’ll stay in quaint farm houses, 17th-century stone-made mansions. Eat well, drink well. Pray, meditate, breathe. Of course, walk. Go home happy. Learn more.

Happy Weekend! Love,
Maria and Team Sojourn
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Maria Baltazzi, Purveyor of Happiness and Conscious Living

Founder of Sojourn Explorers and Picture Happiness: Take a Shot, Emmy-winning Producer, Seven-continent Distance Walker, Fundraiser

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