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The Most Moving Tributes to RBG | 09 Oct 20

How to Help the Victims of The West Coast’s Latest Wildfires | 18 Sept 20

Every Day You Live, You Impact the Planet | 28 Aug 20

Music: How it affects your brain, changes your mood and helps | 07 Aug 20

Masks, No Kissing and ‘a Little Kinky’: Dating and Sex in a Pandemic | 10 Jul 20

#BlackStoriesMatter: TV Programs You Can Stream Now | 19 Jun 20

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The Best Virtual Safaris To Do From Your Living Room | 8 May 20

Dealing with Challenging Emotions During Challenging Times | 17 Apr 20

Jack Kornfield – How to Find Peace Amidst COVID-19, How to Cultivate Calm in Chaos | 27 Mar 20

5 Reasons to Keep Traveling Now Despite Fears about Coronavirus | 6 Mar 20

Masters of Love | 14 Feb 20

The Complete Guide to Safari | 24 Jan 20

The Promise of a New Year, New Decade | 3 Jan 20

Happy Holidays | 25 Dec 19

The Korean Secret to Happiness and Success | 06 Dec 19

Why Is Thanksgiving Important? |28 Nov 19

Happy Thanksgiving | 22 Nov 19

Why Taking Time Off Is Good for Your Brain | 08 Nov 19

Oprah Winfrey Talks with Thich Nhat Hanh | 25 Oct 19

Hardwiring Happiness | 11 Oct 19

Prince Harry and Oprah’s New TV Series | 27 Sept 19

5 Places to Travel This Fall | 13 Sept 19

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Speech – Best Motivation Ever 2019 | 30 Aug 19

Oprah Winfrey Pays Tribute to Friend Toni Morrison: ‘Long may her WORDS reign!’ | 16 Aug 19

Change Your Life: Denzel Washington Motivational Speech 2019 | 02 Aug 19

Behind the Scenes of Quentin Tarantino’s New Homage to Hollywood | 19 Jul 19

The Strange Brain of the World’s Greatest Solo Climber | 05 Jul 19

Gloria Vanderbilt’s Life in Photos | 21 Jun 19

Will Smith’s Wife Goes Skydiving for His 50th Birthday | 07 Jun 19

Applying Tiger Woods’ Comeback Story to Your Life | 24 May 19

Remembering John Singleton, ‘Boyz n the Hood’ Director | 10 May 19

Monica Lewinsky’s Powerful Advice On Resilience After a Setback | 26 Apr 19

The One Question Oprah Wants You to Ask Before You Make Any Decision | 12 Apr 19

Gemma Chan Says Her Oxford Law Degree Comes In Handy In Her Acting Career | 29 Mar 19

How Jennifer Aniston Embodies Our Cultural Shift Around Aging | 15 Mar 19

Thirteen Films That Highlight the Best in Humanity | 01 Mar 19

Why Science Says Helping Others Makes Us Happier | 15 Feb 19

Scare Your Soul | 01 Feb 19

13 Most Meaningful Places to Travel in 2019 | 18 Jan 19

The Easiest New Year’s Resolution You’ll Ever Find | 4 Jan 19

Happy Holidays! | 21 Dec 18

In Memory of George H.W. Bush | 07 Dec 18

One Tiny Owl: Otherworldly Photos from California’s Woolsey Fire | 23 Nov 18

How Millennials Are Changing the Workplace for the Better | 9 Nov 18

New Study Says Not Exercising Is Worse for Your Health Than Smoking | 26 Oct 18

21 Weird Ways the World Changes in Autumn | 12 OCT 18

Bringing More Laughter into Your Life | 28 Sept 18

Are You Spending 5 hours Per Week Learning? You Should Be | 14 Sept 18

Why Science Says Helping Others Makes Us Happier | 31 Aug 18

How to Solve Problems While You Sleep | 17 Aug 18

Rhodes Scholar to NFL Football Player to Neurosurgeon | 03 Aug 18

What Maasai Warriors Can Teach About Happiness | 20 Jul 18

Be More Creative, Embrace the Art of Doing Nothing | 06 Jun 18

Travel Photography Tips from People Who Do It For a Living | 22 Jun 18

Dare You to Try the 20 Seconds of Courage Challenge | 08 Jun 18

When to Speak: A Lesson from the Young Einstein | 25 May 18

11 Scientific Facts About Happiness That You’ll Want to Know | 11 May 18

5 Ways to Nurture Your Creative Spirit | 27 Apr 18

Stephen Hawking’s Last and Most Inspiring Message | 13 Apr 18

The Science to Getting Luckier | 30 Mar 18

Jeff Bezos Wins Exploration Award, Eats Lizard Meat | 16 Mar 18

Black Panther Proves Diverse Films DO Sell | 02 Mar 18

Why There Is a Red Tesla Roadster In Space | 16 Feb 18

Why Travel Is Good For Your Mental Health | 02 Feb 18

Oscar Predictions | Chasing the Lost City | 19 Jan 18

What’s Happening in 2018 | 05 Jan 18

Happy New Year! The Best of 2017 | 29 Dec 17

Start Mindfully Creating Your New Year’s Resolution | 22 Dec 2017

What Makes Something Go Viral | 15 Dec 17

I ❤ Africa | 08 Dec 17

Great Travel Quotes | 01 Dec 17

Happy Thanksgiving | 22 Nov 17

Pixar’s Art of Storytelling | 17 Nov 17

The Future of storytelling | 10 Nov 17

We Have A New Look! | 03 Nov 17

Halloween = Soulmate | 26 Oct 17

The Orionid Meteor Shower is PEAKING | 20 Oct 17

Friday the 13th | 13 Oct 17

8 Things I Appreciated Walking the Camino De Santiago | 06 Oct 17

Day 4 Along the Camino De Santiago | 29 Sept 17

Setting My Course for the Camino De Santiago | 22 Sept 17

Hurricane Irma Takes Away the Ocean | 15 Sept 17

How to Help Victims of Harvey | 08 Sept 17

Happy Labor Day! | 01 Sep 17

Total Solar Eclipse FANTASTIC Photos | 25 Aug 17

Solar Eclipses Can Teach Us About Being Human | 18 Aug 17

Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 | 11 Aug 17

First Alien Moon??? | 4 Aug 17

Back from Africa | 28 July 17

Earth Live Sneak Peak | Nat Geo TV | 07 July 17

Best Travel Quotes | 30 Jun 17

Summer Solstice | 23 Jun 17

Before the Flood, A Must Watch | 16 Jun 17

The Eiffel Tower From New Heights | 09 Jun 17

Do You Have a Nature Deficit Order? | 02 Jun 17

Exciting News! | 26 May 17

Living on Purpose | 19 May 17

We Love Our Moms | 12 May 17

20 Underrated European Countries | 5 May 2017

Happy Earth Week | 28 Apr 17

The Lost City of Z | 21 Apr 17

Happy Easter | 14 Apr 17

11 New Cloud Types — First in 30 Years | 07 Apr 17

What It Means to be a Global Citizen | 31 Mar 17

Celebrating 11 Years of Happiness | 24 Mar 17

Over 5000 and Counting | 17 Mar 17

Travel is Amazing for Your Brain | 10 Mar 17

A Simple Handshake Isn’t So Simple | 03 Mar 17

Two Lost Continents Discovered | 24 Feb 17

You Are the Universe | 17 Feb 17

Wilson Sisters Rock Led Zeppelin | 10 Feb 17

What type of explorer are you? | 03 Feb 17

Facts that will make you want to travel | 27 Jan 2017

10 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling | 20 Jan 17

Why Everyone Should Climb a Mountain | 13 Jan 17

Happy New Year! | 06 Jan 17

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