The Sojourn Experience is a company that reflects the many years spent as an Emmy-winning television producer, international traveler, and happiness mentor. Since the late-90s, I have produced shows on all seven continents. Then did another lap around the globe, walking more than 2,000 miles training and doing marathons as fundraisers. I have also spent the past thirteen years obsessed with what makes people happy, how to cultivate and sustain it.

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Maria Baltazzi, PhD, Founder
Emmy-winning TV Producer, Happiness Mentor, Transformational Travel Guide

I curate bespoke adventures throughout the world. A portion of each trip goes to the nonprofit organization One Percent for the Planet. This desire comes after spending five years traveling to all seven continents, entering and walking marathons as fundraisers.

I mentor through various programs, workshops, and curated luxury travel retreats around a subject that I have been obsessed with for over a decade, Happiness and the Art of Life Balance. My journey started when I wanted to find a better way to deal with the stress of being a television producer.

After more than two decades of producing award-winning television throughout the world, I am now stepping into a role where I nurture promising show ideas. I look to build partnerships with writers, directors, or producers who have great content, however, lack access. These are projects that inspire, inform, or in some way motivate people to take action.

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A curated biweekly newsletter of inspirational and informational articles, videos, and quotes. It is part of my commitment to serving a greater good. Content falls into three buckets. Sojourn Explorers is about travel, technology, and exploration. Picture Happiness is about conscious-centered living. Sojourn is about photography, storytelling, and the entertainment industry.

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