Sojourn is the culmination of everything that I love, have access to, and a skillset in doing. There are three aspects to my company. One is my continued involvement in producing and shepherding worthy projects for broadcast.

Two is Sojourn Explorers, where I curate adventures throughout the world that have a fundraising component to them – proceeds from each trip go to one of several nonprofit partners. This concept comes after spending five years traveling to all seven continents, entering and walking marathons as fundraisers. I call these ‘outer journeys.’

Three is Picture Happiness: Take a shot, where I teach various programs, workshops and curate retreats around Happiness and the Art of Life Balance – a subject that I have been studying for eleven years. These studies came out of my own struggles dealing with the stress of my career. I call these ‘inner journeys.’

Hence our tagline: Curating Inner and Outer Journeys for a Greater Good.

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