Sojourn: a lifestyle company curating inner and outer journeys for the greater good.

The Outer Journey. The ethos of Sojourn Explorers is about giving back. I spent five years walking marathons on every continent as a way to fundraise for causes I cared about; cancer research, youth HIV/AIDS awareness, and wildlife conservation. My journey was so cathartic that when I crossed the finish line, after completing my 7th continent in Antarctica, I knew that I wanted to create and share special adventures for those who also love to travel, and want to give back. So for every journey we curate, a portion of the proceeds will go to one of our nonprofit partners. Donations are made through our fundraising partners at Crowdrise. We also support our nonprofits through micro-donations throughout the year — $10 truly does help. So come explore with me. Let’s both do some good together.

The Inner Journey. The ethos of Picture Happiness: Take a Shot is about helping people to achieve a happier existence. Not just for a moment in time, when you are out doing something fabulous. The times when you are being ordinary — at work hitting those never ending deadlines, at home paying those never ending bills. I am talking about the kind of happiness that is sustainable, even when the times that are less fun and often challenging. Is this really possible? Yes, it is. As a TV producer overseeing large-scale international productions, I had more than my share of stress, more than my share of frustrations, more than my share of disappointments until one day I said, “enough”! That was the day I started an inward journey that took me to heights and lengths I never dreamed possible. The date was March 21st, 2005. Early on, I knew that one day I would want to share what I have learned, what has helped me to succeed through my darkest times, and what will help me when I get challenged again. The day I have looked towards has come. I am here to help you move towards the light through the courses I offer and the retreats I lead. Get out of the crazy and into the happy.

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It is a breath of fresh air to see someone working consciously to curate and create opportunities to uplift and inspire others, we need more of that in this world.
~ Kathryn D.

Really enjoy these positive Friday posts. Sorely needed these days.
~ Craig S.

Thanks for this, Maria! Keep 'em coming! Just reading about these ideas and journeys makes me less stressed. So THANK YOU!! 🙂
~ Meredith F.